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Buy me a coffee

I’m transitioning most of my apps to an optional purchase model. That is, they will be free to use with an optional payment. If you find any of our apps useful, I would really appreciate some support – it’s completely up to you. Boat Lights will remain a paid app, with a limited free edition available in Australia.

You have four options:

  • Use the app freely, contributing nothing.
  • Buy me a coffee, once off or at random times.
  • Take out a membership and participate in evolving the apps.
  • Or, track me down and and shout me a drink.


I used to be a software engineer, and Sonja and I had a business developing Mobile Apps. Now, though, I’m not so much interested in earning from my apps – it’s become just a hobby. I’m hoping that by using this model, those people that are prepared to contribute something will now become known to me and will become involved in the evolution of the apps.


I feel this is the best option. By taking out a membership (it’s cheaper over a year), you can be involved in the design and evolution of the apps. I’ll tell you when I’m about to start work on an update and what I’m thinking of doing. You can add your thoughts or even suggest something different. I’ll make the updates available for testing if you want to get involved in the testing phase, and the app update will be pre-released to members, for a few months prior to the public release.

I use the Buy Me A Coffee platform for managing support and membership.

Buy me a coffee