Equipment List

An advanced equipment & maintenance task list

Equipment List is discontinued.

Contact us if you currently use the app and require assistance extracting your data.

Equipment List helps you keep on top of your maintenance tasks as well as maintaining a list of equipment.

It provides a single repository to store the key information about all your equipment, along with the maintenance tasks that need to be carried out.

Quickly identify the equipment you have on board.

Track the maintenance tasks that are outstanding.

To ease the organisation of your list, create folders to group related items and tasks.

Add an item of equipment to the list to maintain a record of the item and it’s maintenance.

Record when the item was bought, it’s initial purchase price and its serial number, to assist in warranty or insurance claims. Attach a copy of the receipt as a photo.

Create tasks for the item. Completed tasks stay attached to the item, providing a maintenance history.

Keep track of less-used items by recording their location in the vessel.

Keep random notes about the item.

Tasks can either be created against an item or within a folder.

Assign a task a due date, and then mark it as complete when done.

Record photos and notes about the task.

When a task is due receive a notification for the task.

Use the Task Schedule screen to view a list of all tasks by due date.

Use a notification center widget to quickly see outstanding tasks, right from your device’s lock screen.

Navigate straight to a task from the widget.

Other Key Features

  • Continues to work offline – no Internet connection required.
  • Allows multiple boats, maintaining a separate list for each boat.
  • Full backup and restore: either to the cloud (iCloud, DropBox, etc) or to a connected PC (using iTunes). Transfer data to another device.

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