Assets On The Go

Assets and Tasks

Assets On The Go is a simple to use asset management app that we developed to keep track of our yacht’s fixtures, fittings and contents. It can just as easily be used for an RV, caravan, a house, or personal belongings. Anything really.

It helps keep track of your valuables, recording details such as: purchase cost and date; receipt; instruction manuals; and other important information you wish to keep. All in one easy to find place.

As with all of our apps, Assets On The Go, will work completely off the grid. However, when you are connected it will maintain a backup of your data in your iCloud account, seamlessly and privately. You can access your data from any device, including Mac, that is logged in to your iCloud account.

Assets can be categorised into lists and groups. An asset list is major collection of assets, such as: a recreational vehicle alongs with its fixtures and fittings. An asset group is a minor grouping of assets within the list. Both lists and groups are optional.

Main Features

  • Attach a purchase invoice/receipt.
  • Attach images and documents: eg. a user manual.
  • Search for assets: generally against any text field; using purchase cost; using purchase date.
  • Link maintenance tasks from the Maintain It app. (The Maintain It app must be purchased separately)
  • Doesn’t require an internet connection.
  • When logged in to your iCloud account, data is available on any of your devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac).

– iPad templates by Robbie Pearce