Assets on the Go V3.0

Version 3.0 of Assets on the Go is now available.

There are 2 major changes in this version:

  1. The data storage has changed from a database to a document; similar to how you use Pages or Numbers. The document has an extension of .assets. This provides a number of advantages, mainly: you can now have multiple, different asset files; you can choose where to save your asset documents; you can send an asset document to someone else. The document can be stored in the cloud and access by multiple people and/or devices, but it cannot be accessed simultaneously by multiple people/devices. A document should only be open by one person/device at a time. If you allow multiple people/devices to open a single document you may find that you start to lose data. Be warned.
  2. The app’s interface (screen layout) has been completely redesigned. Instead of 3 different screens for assets, maintenance tasks and receipts, there is now a single list that integrates all 3. This layout is engineered for iPad and works best on this device type and on Mac. Running the app on an iPhone will present a cut-down layout to suit the smaller screen size.

To migrate your existing data. After upgrading the app, when you first launch the new version you will be presented with a file browser. Navigate to the folder where you want to store your new document, and tap Create Document. You will then be asked to perform a data migration.

The complete release notes can be viewed here.

Future updates, in no particular order or time frame, will include:

  • Printing/export to PDF.
  • Supplier details.
  • Spares list for an asset; spares inventory.
  • Automatically adding a repair entry to a Where We Go logbook when a task is completed.
  • Integration of tasks with the Reminders app.
  • Integration with Spotlight search.

You can influence this list by subscribing as a member.

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