Where We Go V2.1

Now available to download.

This release adds the ability to create a print version of the logbook as either a paper copy or a PDF. This is a textual print and doesn’t include the map. If you want a print of the map, simply zoom and pan the map to include what you require and then take a snapshot of the screen. You can then incorporate the image wherever and however you desire, just like any other image. The printed logbook’s title and cover photo can be edited by tapping on the settings icon in the bottom toolbar.

On the topic of settings, these are now stored as part of the document. Previously they were the same across all documents on the one device, and could be different across different devices. Now, regardless of which device or person opens a document, the settings will continue to be what was set for that document.

With the introduction of printing, the formatting of entries in the logbook have been changed to make them more informative. Further changes are planned, so keep an eye out for future updates.

The Fuel feature has been updated. While no new functionality has been added, the screens and workflow has been improved. The most notable change is when fuel is purchased, you could have multiple purchases of different fuel types in the one log entry. This is no longer possible – a log entry is required for each fuel type purchased.

As usual, a number of bug fixes and minor improvements have also been incorporated into this release.

The complete release notes can be viewed here.

Future updates, in no particular order or time frame, will include:

  • Increased detail in the textual logbook.
  • Logging weather information (both current and forecast).
  • Logging vessel data.
  • Collecting vessel data from the vessel’s NMEA network.
  • Automatic logging of waypoint, weather and vessel data based on elapsed time, time of day, or location.
  • Logging of other vessels: manually and/or automatically from an AIS.
  • Filtering & searching log entries.

You can influence this list by subscribing as a member.

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