Where We Go V2.0

Version 2.0 of Where We Go is now available.

The key update in this version is the change from storing the data in a database to storing the data in a .wherewego document. Similar to how you use Pages or Numbers. This provides a number of advantages, mainly: you can now have multiple, different log books; you can choose where to save your log books; you can send your log book to someone else. At this stage the document cannot be accessed simultaneously by multiple people/devices. If you do this you may find that you start to lose data. Be warned.

To migrate your existing data. After upgrading the app, when you first launch the new version you will be presented with a file browser. Navigate to the folder where you want to store your new document, and tap Create Document. You will then be asked to perform a data migration.

The 2nd big change is with the automatic drawing of routes. This feature has been permanently removed. You can still manually draw a route on the map. Any routes that you created in the previous version will still be visible on the map (assuming you’ve migrated your data).

The complete release notes can be viewed here.

Future updates, in no particular order or time frame, will include:

  • Printing/export to PDF.
  • Logging weather information (both current and forecast).
  • Logging vessel data.
  • Collecting vessel data from the vessel’s NMEA network.
  • Automatic logging of waypoint, weather and vessel data based on elapsed time, time of day, or location.
  • Logging of other vessels: manually and/or automatically from an AIS.

You can influence this list by subscribing as a member.

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