How to Use Flash Cards

The Boat Light’s flash cards feature provides you with the ability to self test your knowledge on the various lights, shapes and sounds that a vessel may use while navigating.

The feature is a self-assessment style of test, such that it’s up to you to assess whether you got the answer correct or not. We think the flash card feature is easy to use, but just in case, we provided this quick guide to show you how to move through the screens.

Open a Test

From the main screen, select Flash Cards to open the Tests screen. The Tests screen lists the tests that have been completed, as well as any that are still in progress. From here you can:

  • Tap the ‘+’ button to start a new test.
  • Tap a test in the list to review or continue the test.
  • Left swipe a test to delete it.

When starting a new test, you’ll be prompted to select the test type, one of: Lights, Shapes or Sounds. You’ll then be prompted to select the test size, one of: Quick (5 cards), Standard (15 cards) or Complete (All the configurations that the app has in its database).

On opening a test, whether it’s a new test or an existing one, you’ll be presented with the flash card screen.

The Flash Card Screen

The flash card screen is essentially the same for both an unanswered card and an answered one. It shows:

  • A light/shape/sound configuration to be evaluated.
  • Prev and Next buttons to change to the previous or next card in the test.
  • Your current result and your progress in the test (see the notations in the adjacent image).

If the flash card is unanswered there will be a Show Answer button below the flash card. Once you’ve evaluated the card and formed your answer, tap this button to see the correct answer.

Upon answering the flash card, you’ll be presented with the correct answer and two buttons to assess your answer:

  • tap the Right button to mark your answer as correct; or,
  • tap the Wrong button to mark your answer as incorrect.

It’s up to you to decide whether your evaluation of the flash card matches the actual answer, or not. Once you’re finished with the current card, tap Next to move on to the next card.

When you reach the last card in the test, the Next button will change to Result, allowing you to view the test’s final results.