South Stradbroke Island

We spent a few days on the Gold Coast to replace our stolen outboard and to catch up with Tina and her family. We then left for Cleveland to see Greg and Cheryl, and to start the planning process for Yamoya’s summer maintenance program. The trip to Cleveland was up along the inside edge of South Stradbroke and North Stradbroke islands.

As a teenager, I used to holiday with Mum & Dad on South Straddie, on the northern edge of Tipplers. Back then Tipplers was a rundown hotel surrounding by camping sites. Boats, private and commercial, would come to spend a day or longer, with the larger boats anchored in the passage and the smaller boats anchored into the beach.

Not much appears to have changed. The pub has been rebuilt and its grounds improved, but the way the area is used is still the same.

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  1. Wow – Tipplers was where the booze boats came on Friday nights on the holiday makers “Booze Cruise” Cold beer, music and good pub grub. Highlight was the wet teeshirt competition every Friday night with good prize for the winner. Very sexist and would be frowned upon today !!! Why – you say, Not because of the lovely kitties but there was NO male wet shirt competition. Guess they did not think of a wet budgie smuggler style undies comp…. And Glenn, you were holidaying on Sth. Straddie before you were a teenager. Great memories – loved the tinnie with you on the helm of the Mercury 7.5 HP outboard. Who says I have got dimentia (well I did not spell it right) what happened to auto correct

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