Yamoya is in Gold Coast

An uneventful trip from Yamba to Gold Coast. We left Maclean, in the Clarence River, at 1115 for a midday opening of the Harwood Bridge. The bridge has a normal height of about 10m, but is able to lift its centre span to a height of 32m above the river. We need 17m. Two other boats went through the bridge with us but we soon left them behind as we motored the 2 hours down the river towards the bar at Yamba/Iluka.

We made a quick stop just inside the bar, on the Iluka side, to secure the dinghy and do final checks before putting to sea. 30 minutes later we were on our way out of the Clarence River and headed for the Southport, arriving there 19 hours later at 0745 (local time).

The sailing guides suggest anchoring at a bay on the inside of The Spit at Southport. Locally it’s called Bum’s Bay. We anchored there, and after making sure the yacht was secure we went ashore to visit Sonja’s family who live just north of Southport. After spending the night we headed back to the boat only to discover someone has cut through the locks on the outboard and stolen it off the dinghy. What a welcome!

After 2 days of police reports, insurance claims and shopping around for a new outboard we had some down time and are now headed north into Moreton Bay to organise some much needed maintenance for our travelling home.

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One thought on “Yamoya is in Gold Coast

  1. Peter Redmond October 28, 2019 / 6:55 am

    Hi Guys
    Hope you get the insurance OK – Lot of undesirables on the Gold Coast. Some supplementing their welfare payments
    You may find it advertised for sale on E-Bay, Gum Thee or the trading post or local newspaper. Did they use bolt cutters. Maybe purchase a false security cam just for show….


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