Yamoya is in Clarence River

We left Coffs Harbour Marina at midnight on Oct 6, arriving at Iluka Bay at 11:30 am the same day.

We had a scary moment soon after departing the marina when the engine temperature alarm sounded at the worst possible location, as we were approaching the sea wall to exit the outer harbour. Glenn’s quick realisation that we forgot to turn on the engine sea water intake saved us.

The rest of the trip highlights:

  • A beautiful sunrise at sea that shortly after turned into a long pink line on the horizon as the sun was hidden behind the clouds.
  • Seeing whales close to the boat. Out of the excitement I forgot to press record on the phone. It happens a lot to me. haha Managed to get some crappy photos when they were further from the boat. But nothing beats the real life experience.
  • The rest of the trip we had some rain, some swells, the kind of weather when I go to my passage bed on the floor.
  • Dolphins at Iluka bay were the welcoming party.

Our sailing friends from Wind Dancer left Coffs one hour after us, but arrived a couple of hours before us. Advantages of having a modern yacht.

From Iluka, we headed up the Clarence River, stopping at Harwood, Maclean, Brushgrove, Ulmarra and Grafton.

View our route here.

One thought on “Yamoya is in Clarence River

  1. Peter Redmond October 14, 2019 / 12:40 am

    Glenn — Turn on your seawater intake valve
    Sonja –Turn your camera on
    Beautiful sunsets / sun rises. Real shame you missed the whales up close
    Mike & I are playing golf at Albert Park the day before the Melbourne Cup. Been a while. Will be good exercise too the way I zig zag down fairways Ha.. Chance to try my new (cost me $1 at garage sale) pitching wedge after losing it somewhere – Was one my better clubs and the 2nd hand Wilson i bought does not like me.
    Did you go past Broomes Head and did you come there when we had a caravan holiday there with Rose and Laurie Mum n Dad ???? Happy sailing


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