Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour Highlights

Planned to stay only one night. Had to stay longer than we planned to avoid the bad weather at sea.

There are 2 courtesy moorings. Both were taken. The location of the moorings is not the best as it is always a bit rolly. 

Had to go into the marina. Not the best marina on our road, but it is very busy. You have to call beforehand to secure the spot.

A long walk to the marina facilities, my hair would dry by the time I reached the boat.

Very grateful to our sailing friends, Chris and Frank from SV Wind Dancer for helping us with docking into the marina. Chris was outside with the torch helping us find our spot and catch our ropes. Frank joined the welcoming party. 

We saw SV Wind Dancer in Fame Cove, Port Stephens. We met Chris and Frank in Port Macquarie and we became sailing friends in Coffs Harbour.

Met a funny bunch of blokes from ‘Triple Seven’ catamaran. A crew member used ENJO outdoor glove and marble paste to clean his prosthetic foot. He was hilarious, all the time ready to have some fun.

Meeting Philip, the owner of a steel boat which was made to sail Antartica. The boat hull is 25mm steel and glass on the boat is 25mm. Unfortunately for him, he has to sell the boat. He had a stroke and cannot sail any more. The boat needs some work, but for someone who would like to sail into the icy and is a handy man, it would be a good boat to buy.

Walking 4 km to the Big Banana. The walk up the hill was hard, we had to reward ourselves with a banana split. It was great.

Seeing the candy making by hand. Who would think that it’s such hard work to make those candies. The freshly made candies are shared around for tasting. Who could fit a candy after the banana split? Glenn, not Sonja. 

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  1. Peter Redmond October 10, 2019 / 8:10 am

    Wow, What an adventure and sailors are usually helpful – Have to look after each other. Been to the Big Banana and had a Banana split It was good Coffs is nice Hope you get some good weather to push off north. What a great name for the boat “wind dancer”


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