Our last stop before leaving Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay.

    Quick facts:
  • Semi-protected mooring area, open to the north.
  • Public moorings available.
  • Supermarket, hardware, cafes, restaurants. No freshwater. No fuel.
  • A small, holiday village at the southern end of Port Phillip Bay which is enjoyable to visit, in the right conditions.

After leaving Geelong we motored to Sorrento with next to no wind, taking about 5½ hours. We had chosen Sorrento as the staging point to leave Port Phillip Bay for Yamoya’s first trip into open water and for a final catch up with our Melbourne family and friends who we hadn’t caught up with before leaving Melbourne.

Sorrento is a popular seaside holiday destination for Melburnians. Located on a peninsula at the southern edge of Port Phillip Bay it faces north into the bay and south into Bass Strait, providing pristine calm water beaches on one side and ocean beaches on the other. Famous for it’s vanilla slices (available from Just Fine Foods), Sorrento has a village atmosphere and was a wonderful place for a catch up. A big thank you to: Tom, Alma, Borba, Zovnko, Boki, Gojko, Marilyn, Peter, Dee, Michael, Grace, Josh, Suzanna and Ljilja who managed to find the time to travel down from Melbourne.

We spent three nights here on a public swing mooring, before quietly exiting through the infamous Port Phillip Heads known as “The Rip”, and turning east towards Phillip Island.

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