Hauling Out in Geelong

It’s been two years since our last haul out; maybe a bit too long to wait, considering the amount of fouling on the hull.

We hauled out in Geelong, at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club, using an old-style slip that has cradles on train lines. I’d heard good things about the RGYC yard and staff.

On a cradle, leaving the water.

Being a slipway, instead of a straddle lift, made it a bit cheaper for us. But I guess, in the end, what we gained in the slipping cost we lost in having to pay to have someone configure the cradle for us, because we had never used a cradle system before. It took two attempts to haul out. On the first attempt the boat was being supported by the cradle’s arms instead of sitting on its keel. The boat had to be floated off, cradle pulled ashore and more blocks added to the cradle’s base.

The second attempt worked fine, but what a surprise to see so much growth! We were expecting some growth, but not this.

A substantial beard growing here!
First, a scrape off.
And then a high pressure wash.
Water blisters.

At our last haul out in 2017, we had an electrolysis problem which resulted in the underwater hull being blasted back to clean steel, and then primed and undercoated with two pack epoxy paint prior to the new antifoul going on. This time we had these little blisters, about 1-1.5mm in diameter, all over the underwater hull. Brendan, the shipwright we had employed, told us that the the previous repaint (which was not cheap) had been done incorrectly, and by rights we should have it done again. That is: blast, prime, undercoat. But, this yard is not allowed to sandblast. So we went for an interim option of a best-effort sand and clean of the steel, and then a single pack underwater primer prior to applying the new antifoul.

Sand the hull…
Add some primer…
And 2 coats of antifoul.

After touching up the green topcoat just above the waterline and renewing the various anodes we were ready to relaunch and get on our way.

Woohoo, ready to go.

Many thanks to Simon off Rosinante who helped us to get in and out of the fixed pole style marina pen, and offered valuable advice about the slipping process. For shipwright services we used, and highly recommend, Brendan Garner of Garner Marine Services.

Next stop, Sorrento.

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