It’s Nearly Time…

It’s nearly time to launch! Yes, I know I haven’t written anything for a long while, nearly three years. What can I say? But we kept at it, and now we are so close I can smell it. The last three years has seen a massive amount of work, and now Yamoya is essentially finished with some last minute jobs to do. A couple of days ago we had a marine surveyor, Andrew Johnson from iSurvey Boats, come to the factory to give a final, unbiased report on the vessel. This report does two things: it assures us that we’ve done everything as it should be done; and it  assists the insurance company in assessing their risk in providing insurance for the vessel. We’re over the moon with the report that Drew sent back, after a day of crawling over the yacht and asking a million questions.

This beautiful vessel epitomises the word quality from the initial steel frame work to the magnificent timber fit out of all internal living areas … The vessel appointments are to a very high standard … This is a magnificent vessel that is built to last and will ensure her owners safe and comfortable passages for years to come.

Now, we just need to finish the list of final tasks before trucking the yacht to the slipway. As anyone who’s done a large project would know, it is a task in itself to manage these final jobs. You want to ensure that the jobs that must be done for the project to complete successfully are done, and at the same time you need to stop that list from continually growing as you continually think of little things that could be done. The trade-off between doing it now, or doing it sometime later. So, the count down is on. The only thing standing in the way of having a firm launch date is locking down the transport company and ensuring the marine engineer, rigger and slipway are all aligned. Stay tuned…

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