Ways to Prevent Man Overboard

Prevention is better than rescue. Here are 9 tips to avoiding a MOB.

  1. Tighten lifelines and jack lines.
  2. Provide strong, secure points and hand holds.
  3. Keep a good foothold: wear footwear that grips; fit non-skid deck patches.
  4. Wear a combined harness and lifejacket.
  5. Keep your harness securely fitted.
  6. Wear a light, compact safety line with an overload indicator.
  7. Always clip-on when sailing short handed, at night, in poor visibility, or in heavy weather.
  8. Look after your kit and trust your kit.
  9. Do it out of consideration for your skipper, fellow crew and those who might have to rescue you.

No matter how well prepared you are you should still have a MOB plan and practice it.