Boat Lights v1

My first iPhone app has been up on the Apple Store for a few weeks now – sales have been good so far. I, like many others, remember the rules and situations that I encounter most often. So, I was looking around at apps that would help me identify the navigation lights and shapes displayed by other vessels. What I found was a lot of apps and websites that were basically just electronic versions of a manual. What I wanted was something that I could easily punch in what I was seeing, and the app would quickly tell me what it could be. As opposed to flipping through a couple of hundred images. Something that I could use anywhere without needing a network connection.

I couldn’t find anything like this on the market, so I wrote one. It’s called Boat Lights and it’s available for the iPhone and the iPad.

3 thoughts on “Boat Lights v1

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  1. Hi Glenn, yes I stopped to see how and what other people are writing about sailing and theire experiences.I love your app, I could use it for my students when they come to learn how to sail.
    I just read about the app, didn´t dowload it yet( my android is broken right now. it needs new screen, they are very sensitive especially if you keep them in a pocket while dismantling a gearbox) 🙂 but I will download it. Evrything I read about the app si very good, will recommend it to my other instructors in Croatia and my future students. Keep in touch….. All the best from Croatia


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