Provisioning Tips

13 useful tips when provisioning for your next cruise.

  • Buy fresh produce that hasn’t been refrigerated – it lasts longer.
  • Cabbages last awhile; excellent for salad, coleslaw.
  • Some fruit & veg keep longer by stowing in nets where they get good ventilation. However, some fruit & veg can be damaged by the netting.
  • Some fruit & veg keep longer by wrapping in newspaper.
  • Don’t leave fruit & veg in plastic bags – they will sweat and rot.
  • Check each piece of fresh food everyday and throw away any that is going bad. Including potatoes.
  • Mark a water bottle for each person with their name and use this to track their water consumption to assess hydration.
  • Pre-cook the first few days meals.
  • Use one-pot recipes as much as possible.
  • Bake fresh bread, cakes, etc – the smell makes it worthwhile.
  • Be careful when cooking with, and subsequently draining, boiling water.
  • Have a system for serving hot foods (including drinks) in a moving galley.
  • The cook shouldn’t have to wash the dishes.