More Helpers…

As most of our friends know, I’ve been working full time on Yamoya since being made redundant in October last year. During this time a few people have offered their time whenever they could, and this has been a great help to us.

paul - Version 2

First time boat building for Paul. Paul has been helping with some of the more mundane, repetitive tasks that can “suck up” huge amounts of time. Paul’s attitude of “just show me what to do, and I’ll do it” is an inspiration. Paul has given his time on numerous occasions and we look forward to him being available to help in the future.

P1010046 - Version 2

Zivko may look like your typical IT office worker, but he hides an interesting background. He used to own and run a sawmill. He is always a breath of fresh air when he comes to help, getting stuck into the job and powering on. Makes me feel lazy!


My brother Shane gave up his holiday time in January, and will be here again next week for a couple of weeks. I’ve lost count of the number of trips he’s made to Melbourne to help us. Shane’s skills are wide-ranging and he is able to do just about anything. Over the years that we’ve been building the boat he has worked on many different parts of Yamoya and is a constant help that I’ve come to rely on.


My Mum & Dad come and help whenever they can. They were here for a couple of weeks last month. At 80, Dad is still able to put in a full day’s work even though we don’t expect him to. They have been a constant help and support base throughout the whole build.