Who’s ready to argue over $2.50

So there I was, standing at the checkout arguing with this 5 year old …I must admit Bunnings Warehouse is not my most favourite hardware store. But, due to a lack of any real competition, I tend to go there quite often. Well off I went this morning to get some PVC pipe fittings, amongst other things. Found what I was looking for and went to pay. Now, a bit of background. I was specifically looking for an adaptor to connect 40mm pipe to 40mm hose – I had one that came with the toilet, and I needed a second. So I went into Bunnings with the fitting I had to make sure the fitting I was buying was exactly the same diameters. I never declared that I was bringing the fitting into the store. You can guess where this is going.

So there I was, standing at the checkout arguing over whether I should pay for the second fitting or not. If they looked the same, I could understand her point. But they looked completely different and so I kept challenging her with “you find this in your store and I’ll consider paying for it”. Her comeback, “you didn’t declare it on entering the store, therefore you have to pay for it”. Ten minutes we spent arguing over a $2.50 fitting!

No Bunnings shop assistants or customers were hurt in this episode.