Reached a Milestone!

We’ve finally reached our first major milestone. The hull is structurally complete, it’s been grit blasted to clean all the steel, and it’s been painted with its first undercoats.

As I discussed in the previous blog, Yamoya left for the grit blasting and painting yard on September 4th. Yesterday, she was returned to us clean and ready for her fitout. The journey to the blasting yard was unnecessarily exciting (read the previous blog). However, we made a few changes for the return trip, and everything went like clockwork. Once again, many thanks to L.Arthur Transport Services for providing an excellent service.

Now the fitout starts. This will see the inside start to look like a yacht. If you haven’t previously seen the internal layout, then take a peek at the Design Info entry. In the coming weeks the engine will start to be installed, and all the deck fittings will be layed out. This will be followed by the initial fitting of the forward cabin.