Why am I doing this?

Time for some R and R, with a break from boat building.

I think I needed a break. Well, no-one can focus on such a large project continuously, can they? I found I was becoming less and less motivated, and finding excuses to not go into the factory and work on the boat. Not good for the finish date! A holiday was in order, and if you ask me I think it was a well deserved one.

So off to sunny Queensland for a week and a half. A week in Port Douglas, followed by a 4-5 days in Brisbane. Just what was needed, especially when living in Melbourne at this time of year. The five pillars of a good holiday were all there:

  • enjoyable warmth (it was 28 deg)
  • good coffee shops and restaurants
  • good beach
  • good book
  • good company

What more could you want?

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