It’s Easter, and we’ve been updating our project schedule – taking stock of where we’re at and where we want to be. Not happy Jan!!!

Check out the project schedule and you’ll see what I mean. Completion has now slipped out to March 2011, but the target date is November 2009. This is a slippage of some 16 months. The Project Oversight Committee (i.e. Sonja) is not impressed, and she wants it fixed!

There really is not a lot to say, except that the steel work is taking longer than expected. As with many projects of this complexity, I keep finding jobs that need to be done. Sonja and I are doing our best to assess each job, and hopefully I’m only doing those jobs that really do need to happen before the next big milestone, which is the painting.

The current job list is:

  • Weld tangs on to the deck to take the gas bottle locker.
  • Fabricate and fit the straps to hold the lead ballast in place.
  • Fabricate and fit the fill-in gussets around the propellor.
  • Fit the rubbing strakes.
  • Fit the chainplates.
  • Cut the holes for the cabin vents.
  • Widen the aft side decks.
  • Cut the holes for the scuppers.
  • Move the starboard wheelhouse door.
  • Fabricate and fit the pad for the mainsheet/control winch.
  • Cut out the openings in the rear of the wheelhouse.
  • Cut the hole for the mast wiring.
  • Cut the hole for the anchor chainpipe.
  • Drill holes for the cleats and bollards.
  • Drill holes for the tracks and control blocks.
  • Fit the bow thruster tube.
  • Fit the stern tube.
  • Fit the rudder tube.
  • Fabricate and fit the swim platform.
  • Fabricate and fit the davits.
  • Fit the anode bolts.
  • Fit the compression post gussets.
  • Weld in the portlight (window) frames.
  • Ensure all portlights and hatches fit.