Our Boat Building Project

Early in 2003, I decided that I would like (need?) another boat. I’ve been brought up with boats, both power and sail, and have a list of requirements that I expect in a pleasure craft. Taking this list, it was soon obvious that my tastes were more suited to European styles rather than Australian/American styles. There was one Australian manufactured yacht that was suitable, but out of our budget – the Buizen (see it here). The production yacht closest to my requirements was available out of Norway, and would have to be shipped to Australia – the Nauticat (see it here). Either way, out budget at the time wouldn’t allow us to just go out and buy a new yacht.

We decided that we could save to buy the yacht we wanted, which would take us about 5 years.  Or I could re-use previous skills and build us one, which would spread the cost out and take at least 5 years. Either way we weren’t going to have a boat for at least 5 years, so we decided to build. After looking around at various designs, one of the designers offered us a pre-cut steel kit at half-price. He had got the steel cut for a client who then decided on something else, and he wanted it gone.

So that’s how we ended up with our Roberts Spray 370.

Roberts Spray 370C

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  1. :)…Thank you for the opportunity to sign your guestbook. I love the new website and especially now we can interact with it. We look forward to following the very exciting and what will be a very rewarding journey of Yamoya – thank you for allowing us to be a part of your dream. We send you much love and many blessings for your journey. Julianne & Gary xxx


  2. Uncle Glenn you guys are a true inspiration, we love the fact you are actually building another boat. I am sure when you finally get to sail Yamoya the feeling will be sureal. Enjoy your journey as we closely watch and enjoy your passion for this. Love always Dee and Michael.


  3. Hi Glenn, You are doing a fine job and I look forward to seeing more evidence of your efforts … there are over 8,000 Sprays world wide so you are joining a great if not ‘select’ bunch ! Best regards Bruce Roberts-Goodson ( written from Paris ! )


  4. Glenn & Sonja, this is massive and I am seriously impressed. Do you have any time left over to do your normal day jobs as well? Am off to England next week for 3+ months. Perhaps we will get to see you at the Colonial reunion in October. Best regards, Tony.


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