Quick, Simple, Effective Apps

Yamoya specialises in the creation of apps that are quick, simple and effective to use. Our aim is to enhance our customer's enjoyment of their leisure activities. We have a specific focus on boating and associated activities.

Boat LightsBoat Lights

Intuitive, useful and simple to use

Major update! Release 3 is available.

Boat Lights uses our smart, unique Draw-What-You-See search engine to quickly and easily search the comprehensive database for exact and possible matches. It helps boat operators to quickly and easily determine the meaning of the many different lights, shapes and sounds used by other vessels.

EquipmentEquipment List

An advanced equipment & maintenance task list


The Equipment List app helps you keep on top of your maintenance tasks as well as maintaining a list of equipment.

Water Ski EventsWater Ski Event Apps

A customisable app for water ski events

Our water ski event apps are full featured apps, providing a set of standard features which are individually packaged and branded for the host club. The app's content is able to be edited by the event organiser's at anytime before, during and after the event. Already in use for a number of major Australian event and with a large set of available features, contact us today to discuss how your ski club can use our app for your next race event.